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Affordable Family Health Insurance

Whether you are newly married, beginning retirement, or somewhere in between, the benefit of having family health insurance is crucial to the health of you and your family members. As a brokerage that has been established for years, we have run into a lot of individuals who believe paying out of pocket is more cost effective than the monthly bills. That is a common assumption because a high percentage of the population pays for benefits they will never use. HealthGuys can assure cost effective insurance coverage because our agents make sure that what you are paying for covers the right benefits that you will both need, and use.

Why Family Health Insurance?

It’s amazing how many times a parent has to go to the ER. Children are prone to accidents, and whether it's a flu, broken leg, or possible pandemic symptoms, you want the right coverage for all aspects of accidents and calamities. You never want to risk something precious, and there is nothing more precious than your spouse and children. Having protection against accidents before they happen will not only insure quick and high quality care for those you love, it will also protect your financial wellbeing against astronomical medical bills.

The Big Picture

A broken leg can cost up to $7,000, while labs could range anywhere between $100-$3,000, depending on the type of lab required by a physician. These types of costs come from emergency medical needs that arise at a moment's notice, emergency needs you have not budgeted in for the year. Having family insurance means paying a premium to insure that when those out of the blue moments happen, you have the right coverage underfoot to keep you steady. Life happens, let HealthGuys make sure you’ll be ready

Health Insurance: What to Know

The world of Health Insurance can be confusing, but HealthGuys brokerage is here to walk with you through the process. Give us a call and you’ll be connected with an experienced member of our team. We’ll discuss your needs, your budget, and your outlook. From there, we will find the perfect family health insurance plan.

HealthGuys is a brokerage, meaning we do not sell your information to anyone. We are not a Lead Generation website. A lot of the websites you visit while looking online for health coverage are marketing companies looking to sell your information to a ton of different agents. Not with HealthGuys, the information you provide will stay within our brokerage. We want to earn your business now and in the future. Click “Contact Us” to learn more, or call us at 866-Get-Health (866-438-4325)

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