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Why Faith Based Plans

Healthcare costs are rising, and you might need another alternative. HealthGuys is determined to provide our clients with unique plans that fit your unique life. Faith Based Plans are a great alternative that will provide you, and your family, the same quality of care, at a lower cost!

ACA Exempt

To successfully coincide with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all medical insurance policies must meet certain requirements or have a tax penalty applied. These conditions include preventative care, maternity coverage, emergency services, and more. Faith Based Health Plans are an alternative to insurance, often with lower costs without a tax penalty due to ACA exempt. ALL of the Faith Based Plans from HealthGuys are exempt from a tax penalty allowing our clients to lower their healthcare costs without an added tax burden.

Benefits of a Faith Based Plan

The goal of all healthcare policies is to provide you with the highest quality of medical assistance, at the most effective rates. Further assisting our communities with the benefits for your health, without the financial burdens that result from paying out of pocket. Faith Based Plans still provide all those goals, while giving the client the ability to fluctuate details of their plans within their personal budget preferences. Individuals too often live under the fear of rising premiums, but with Faith Based Health Plans you will never be surprised by costs. Faith Based Plans will cover acute injury, illness, physical therapy, maternity costs, ambulance travel, hospital stays, and more. Call 866-Get-Health (866-438-4325) to learn more about these health plans.

Why HealthGuys

HealthGuys is all about getting you exactly what you need, at the ideal cost. Providing our agents with the ability to take a consultative approach to your health care choices Faith Based Plans was a huge part of providing that goal to our clients. Working alongside some of the greatest names within the Faith Based Plan marketplace, our agents are the best to work with while looking for these types of policies. Give us a call at 866-Get-Health (866-438-4325) or fill out the form below and one of our knowledgeable agents will reach out.

HealthGuys is a brokerage, meaning we do not sell your information to anyone. We are not a Lead Generation website. A lot of the websites you visit while looking online for health coverage are marketing companies looking to sell your information to a ton of different agents. Not with HealthGuys, the information you provide will stay within our brokerage. We want to earn your business now and in the future. Click “Contact Us” to learn more, or call us at 866-Get-Health (866-438-4325)

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Health Guys works with your busy schedule. If you’re in need of comprehensive insurance solutions fill out the form right above, or give us a call at 866-438-4325. Our professional team of Health Guys agents are waiting for your call!