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Why Travel Insurance

Traveling is an incredible experience that should be unhindered by worries. Unfortunately, travel is usually when the unexpected, serious incidents are prone to happen. Leaving home means leaving friends, family, and your healthcare provider. Make sure that wherever you are, access to the care and help you need is an essential part of your trip. Not sure how travel insurance works? That’s okay! HealthGuys agents are well-versed and trained to find the right plan for you. Travel Insurance policies are designed to work outside the U.S. just like your traditional health insurance plans do.

Coverage Benefits

You might have excellent health insurance, but those plans only cover in certain regions. Having access to the correct medical assistance that you need, when you need it, is crucial not only for your protection, but also peace of mind. Traveling is an experience that should not be tainted by your lack of help when it comes to overseas medical emergencies, evacuations, natural disasters, accidents, and loss of wallet or passport. Travel insurance is available in a number of options, including Single Trip Plans and Annual Plans. Such coverage ensures that, no matter what happens, you’re covered wherever your adventure takes you!

How Travel Insurance Works

Travel insurance works in the same way as other insurance policies. With travel insurance, you are protected from specific financial risks and losses. Such losses may be minor, such as a trip to a physician office, or significant as an emergency room visit. The benefits associated with each plan may vary. It is important to find a travel insurance policy that suits your needs at all times.

Why HealthGuys

Whether you travel 30 minutes down the freeway for a few nights on the town, or an extended trip to the Caribbean, HealthGuys is here to make your getaway a little less stressful by providing peace of mind. Our agents are equipped, professional (not to mention traveled!), and ready to help you and your travels take off!

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